Monday, 18 October 2010

اليك يا عراق

يا شط دجلة
سلام الى بساتينك و نخيلك
سلام الى الطيور التي تحلق
فوق سماءك
و الى نحلاتك و فراشاتك

سلام على بغدادي الجميلة
سلام على العراق

ارض الرافدين والشهداء
ارض الانبياء والابرياء
وسلام لاطفال العراق...

اما الفرات الذي يحكي
الف حكاية عن ماض مشرف
مليء بالتضحيات
وعن قصة حب بين تموز و عشتار
التي عرفها التاريخ
فابلغ الفرات عن حبي و اشواقي

سلام على وطني
سلام على ارضي
ارض الرافدين و العراق

وللكلام بقية


David said...

Hello Sana, I can't read Arabic, but I do like your fish. They are very cute! :)

Sana said...

Hi David, I will ask Attawie to translate it for you.. Heard a lot about you from her... Glad you liked my fish :)

David said...

I think Attawie might be a bit too busy to translate right now. ;)

So, she talked to you about me? I hope she said good things. :)

I have enjoyed being your sister's friend very much. She is a very talented and special person!

Would you consider writing some posts in English? I'd like to read what you have to say. :)

Sana said...

Yes, She said good things about you :)
I don't know about writing in English, because what i write is Poetry. I don't know if i can write what i want to say in English, but I'll try :)

David said...

Ah, I understand how it might be difficult to translate a poem from Arabic into English. A poem is not just the meaning of its words, it is sound and rhythm.

I have several posts in my blog that included some poems that I wrote. If you are interested, here is a link to some very simple ones that I wrote when I was young:

If you write something in English, I will be happy to read it. :)